Sunday, 20 October 2013

VR Round Up 20.10.13

*Plait Up Do *Fancie Fridays *Weekend Coffee
*Marmadukes Sheffield *Photobooth *Box Set

+ Work Hard, Play Hard - This pretty much sums itself up. Whilst working hard is obviously important, so is having fun and my hard earned wages have been going on lots of that this week. Took a trip to see Captain Philips (fantastic film, well worth a see and incredible performance from Tom Hanks), had an evening of pizza and cocktails and had a boozy night with inexcusable dancing, double vodkas and beer pong (my aim needs some work I'll add). 

Fancie Fridays - This has become a tradition in the office and whilst I am excited to work my way through ever possible flavour (if you follow Fancie on Facebook you'll see how irresistible they make their cakes look) I'm not sure my bank balance nor my health will be best pleased. But hey, carrot cake makes it a veg right?

+ True Blood -  My colleague has lent me the True Blood box set and I'm already six hours in and hooked. Lucky I have Seasons One to Four to keep me entertained!  

VR x

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  1. I love true blood :)
    great post!