Sunday, 24 November 2013

VR Round Up 24.11.13

*Weekdays *Munch *Afternoon Tea Peak District
*Sayings *TBT 2009 *Tamper Coffee, Sheffield

+ Where Have You Been - I realise I've been a bit awol over the last few weeks and blogging has been sparse to say the least. I think I just got swept up in life and needed a break. This week has been a blur of work, visitors to Sheffield, getting back into the gym and celebrating Thanksgiving!

+ Times Like These - In the last few weeks I've made the choice to finally do some of that travelling I told myself I'd do when I graduated 18 months ago...2014 is definitely going to be an exciting year. Sadly, I am packing up and leaving Sheffield when my work contract finishes just before Christmas and am hoping to leave the UK by the end of January. Scary or what eh?

+ Global Traveller - Swept up in the logistics of leaving Sheffield, I have not actually booked anything in terms of travel for the New Year. If you have been travelling or know someone who has and had a fantastic time, then I'd LOVE to hear about it?! Recommendations and advice would be greatly appreciated!
VR x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Photo Rail #25

My Take: Coating By

What I'll be wearing to keep toastie this winter.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

VR Round Up 10.11.13

*Guy Fawkes *Costa Christmas *Glamour Distraction
*Super Sundae *Chocolate & Hazelnut *B&W Selfie

+ Quiet One - Been on the quiet side this week just trying to avoid writing an unrealistically long Christmas wishlist (yes I know its only early November) and spending too much time watching New Girl and True Blood - ahh winter evenings!

+ Back To It - Rejoined the gym this week in a last ditch attempt to get motivated before I'm surrounded by all the edible delights that come along with Christmas (not that it's stopped my mass consumption of goodies this week).

VR x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

VR Round Up 03.11.13

 Better two days late then never eh!

*Weird and Wonderful *Spooky Selfie *Early Riser *Spiced Apple Tea
*Pretty Package *Emerald Wrap Dress *Snout *Nap Time

+ Just My Luck - After the long awaited arrival of the Tom Odell concert, he only went and got ill and called the whole thing off. There have been Twitter promises of a new date but I was still a bit disappointed. So much so that I hopped on over to Ticketmaster and booked to see The 1975 in January...bring it on!

+ Back To My Roots - Headed down to London for a long overdue catch up with my nearest and dearest. Whilst it was all pretty rushed (cramming everything in to three days is tough) it was awesome to see so many lovely faces! I spent Saturday with family friends cafĂ© hopping in South London and in the evening treated my mum to a delicious Greek meal as a belated birthday present. Sunday was centred largely around the pub, takeout pizza and Monsters University and Sunday was spent in the local shopping centre Brent Cross stocking up for winter and drinking the first of the Starbucks Christmas coffees with friends. It was pretty hard to tear myself away, especially with my dog trying to hop in my suitcase at every opportunity!

VR x

Friday, 1 November 2013

October Favourites

1. After a few not so flattering post summer photos, I decided it was time to find a product with a bit of added coverage for the colder (inevitably paler) months. Revlon's Colorstay foundation comes highly recommended from a world of beauty bloggers/reviewers (I couldn't find anyone with a bad word to say about it). I picked Colorstay up from Boots for a steal at around £10 and I have never looked back. Aside from the annoying little fact the shade is a tad too dark for my skin (shop lighting is a pain in the ass!), its a fantastic product. It's easy to work in to the skin (so much so that I have opted for the hands on approach rather than brush) and it's buildable so I can opt for more or less coverage depending on my mood. The best thing about this product? It really does stay! Whether I'm partying away in a club in London or heading out to a gig in Sheffield, I'll arrive home with it still in tact at the end of the night. A downfall you ask? This is probably a personal annoyance but it doesn't have a pump so it's hard not to over pour and waste it.
2. With the days closing in and winter approaching, the cold was really getting to my skin and I felt like I needed something to treat my face and make it feel that bit better. I'm a big fan of the Simple products because they are exactly that - simple and kind to skin, which is exactly what I needed. I haven't noticed any miraculous improvements but for £3.99, who's complaining. I am not sure I'd necessarily run out to purchase a shelf load of this but for weekly use over the next couple of months this one seems a good choice.

VR x