Sunday, 24 November 2013

VR Round Up 24.11.13

*Weekdays *Munch *Afternoon Tea Peak District
*Sayings *TBT 2009 *Tamper Coffee, Sheffield

+ Where Have You Been - I realise I've been a bit awol over the last few weeks and blogging has been sparse to say the least. I think I just got swept up in life and needed a break. This week has been a blur of work, visitors to Sheffield, getting back into the gym and celebrating Thanksgiving!

+ Times Like These - In the last few weeks I've made the choice to finally do some of that travelling I told myself I'd do when I graduated 18 months ago...2014 is definitely going to be an exciting year. Sadly, I am packing up and leaving Sheffield when my work contract finishes just before Christmas and am hoping to leave the UK by the end of January. Scary or what eh?

+ Global Traveller - Swept up in the logistics of leaving Sheffield, I have not actually booked anything in terms of travel for the New Year. If you have been travelling or know someone who has and had a fantastic time, then I'd LOVE to hear about it?! Recommendations and advice would be greatly appreciated!
VR x

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  1. You should definitely go on a Contiki trip around Europe! :)